a) The Group shall be called the Blue Water Fishing Group (hereinafter called
the Group).
b) The objectives of the Group are twofold.
(i) To enjoy the camaraderie of its members in variety of social activities.

(ii) To support the philosophy, aims and objectives of the International Game
Fish Association (IGFA) in the pursuit of sea angling in a manner consistent
with sound sporting and conservation practices including the release of any
captured billfish.
a) Membership is open to anyone of 16 years of age or over. A Junior
membership is available to those under 16 years of age.
Membership is not open to commercial/ professional anglers/ fisherman.
Commercially registered boats are also not permitted within the Group.
b) A candidate for membership shall complete and sign an Application for
Membership Form declaring his agreement with and adherence to the purposes of
the Group as shall be required by the Committee. The election of a candidate for
membership must be proposed by a member and seconded by a Committee
member prior to agreement by the membership at the following monthly general
meeting. Every member on election will be supplied with a copy of the Rules.
c) Honorary Membership shall be granted to any serving member of the
committee. Honorary Members shall not be liable to pay subscriptions under the
Rules but will be entitled to all the rights and privileges of Group membership
including the right to attend meetings, and vote at elections. Honorary membership
will cease immediately the member ceases to serve on the committee.
d) Persons accompanied by a Group Member visiting the Group for any Group
activity shall be Guests of the Group for the duration of their visit. Guests shall not
be eligible to attend meetings, or vote at elections and shall not be eligible to hold
office or propose or second any candidate for office. All guests are the responsibility
of the individual member regarding adherence to Group rules and regulations.
To fish on more than two occasions the guest must apply for membership of the Blue
Water Fishing Group.
a) The Group subscription year runs from 1st January to 31st December.
b) Every member of the Group shall pay to the funds of the Group an annual
subscription in the amount agreed at the Annual General Meetings.
c) Any new members joining the Group after 30th June in any year will pay half
the annual subscription for the remainder of that calendar tear. Thereafter the full
subscription will be due.
a) Any member who has not paid their subscription sixty days after it has
become due shall be considered in arrears and if it is not paid within twenty-eight
days thereafter they shall cease to be a member. No member in arrears shall be
permitted to take part in any of the Group fishing competitions.
b) The Committee shall have the power to extend this period in the event of
illness or any reasonable cause warranting such extension.
Members shall cease to be members:
a) By non-payment of subscription. Any person whose membership has ceased
from the cause may re-apply for membership but will pay the full annual subscription
due in the year of application.
b) Expulsion
c) Resignation
d) If a member brings the Group into disrepute.
a) The Secretary shall keep a register of the names, addresses and contact
details of the members. Every member shall within twenty eight days give notice to
the Secretary of any change in his/her address. The names of those who cease to
be members shall be removed from the register.
a) It is a Group and legal requirement that all members who fish hold a current
fishing licence.
b) All members who fish shall provide the Secretary with a photocopy of their
current fishing licence.
a) The Group shall be affiliated to the IGFA and shall abide by the ethics of the
Association in all of its activities.
a) Regular General Group Meetings will take place on the first Monday of each
month in the Rewind bar at Puerto Colon commencing at 6.00pm and shall be
attended by the Committee and Members. Any changes to venue and/or time will be
notified to all members by the Secretary seven days prior to the meeting.
b) An agenda of the business shall be available to each member. Any items to
be included in the monthly meeting agenda must be submitted to the Secretary no
later than seven days prior to the meeting. The agenda shall be sent by e-mail to
members no later than five days prior to the monthly meeting.
c) The annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in January each year on a
date and at a venue to be fixed by the Committee. The AGM shall include the
election of Group officers required to form the Committee.
d) An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) shall be held whenever the
Committee think expedient and whenever ten (10) members or one fifth of the total
number of members, whichever is the less, so request in writing, signed by them and
delivered to the Secretary explaining the purpose of such a meeting. No business
other than that named shall be brought before an EGM.
e) Seven days’ notice of General Group Meetings and Extraordinary General
meetings and of annual General Meetings (AGM) stating the business of the meeting
shall be made available to every member.
f) Every member present (and not disqualified by arrears or otherwise as
mentioned in these Rules) shall have one vote at Group meetings. Honorary
members with voting rights (and not disqualified as mentioned in these Rules) shall
also have one vote at Group Meetings.
Those members unable to attend may cast a vote by sending an email to The
Secretary signifying their voting intension no later than 48 hours prior to the date of
the meeting.
g) A Group meeting may proceed to be business if two (2) Committee members
are included in one tenth of the total number of members and are present within
thirty minutes after the time fixed for the meeting. If this requirement is not met then
the meeting shall be adjourned to a later date as advised by the Committee.
a) The Group shall have the following Officers who shall form the Committee:
President, Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and other Committee Members the
number of which shall be determined from time to time by the Committee but shall
not exceed a maximum of ten officers.
b) Nominations for Election of Officers shall be submitted to the Secretary twenty
eight days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
c) All officers shall be a full or honorary member of the Group and over twentyone
years of age.
d) Committee Members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and
shall remain in office until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting.
e) In case any officers shall die, resign, be removed or become unfit or incapable
to act, the Committee may at any time appoint a person to fill the vacancy until the
next Annual General Meeting unless the vacancy is previously filled at an
Extraordinary General Meeting.
f) The Committee can co-opt additional members on to the Committee as
required for specific activities that are in support of Group activities. Such members
will not have any executive authority.
a) The Chairman, or in his absence an officer from the Committee shall take the
Chair at all meetings of the Group.
a) The Committee shall have power to make such bye-laws as it may consider
necessary for the good government and order of the Group, providing such bye-laws
do not contravene any of the Rules.
a) The Committee shall ensure that proper accounts of the Group be kept by the
a) The Committee shall have the power to reprimand or expel any member who
shall infringe any rule or bye-law or whose conduct shall in their opinion render him
unfit for membership providing the member has first been given full opportunity for
representation with the fullest available Committee. The member shall not be
reprimanded or expelled unless two thirds of the fullest available Committee then
present agree to his reprimand or expulsion.
a) No new rules shall be made, nor shall any of the rules contained or hereafter
to be made, be amended or rescinded unless the consent of at least two thirds of the
members present and entitled to vote at an AGM or EGM, notice of which must be
given at least fourteen days prior to the meeting in the case of an AGM and seven
days prior to the meeting in case of an EGM specifying the intention to propose such
new rule or amendment.
a) In these Rule, unless the contrary intention appears, words in the singular
shall include the plural and words in the plural shall include the singular.


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