Obtaining/ Renewing a Fishing Licence

Obtaining/ Renewing a Fishing Licence

Obtaining or renewing a fishing licence can take up to three weeks.

There are two places locally where this can be done considering the alternative is a trip to Santa Cruz and the hassle of visiting the 11th floor of the office, then finding a bank, then going back to the 11th floor and so on.

The first place is the fishing shop at Las Galletas and is located at the front of the Alborada complex. This is the concrete building with vertical orange pillars all over, and is just by the traffic lights as you come into Las Galletas from the Costa de Silencia side. The staff speak basic English and are very helpful.

The second place is the fishing shop at the Hiper Trebol in Los Olivos and is located in the Hiper Trebol just off of the main roundabout as you leave the TF1 at Los Olivos. The shop is right next to the entrance to the super market itself and opposite the sports shop. The staff speak fluent English and are very helpful.

For our purposes we need a class 1 and 3 licence. The shops will complete the forms for you and take them to Santa Cruz. All they need are photocopies of your NIE and your passport if a non-resident. Payment is made in the shop, with no need to visit a bank and currently the cost is €65. This covers the 3 year licence and their sevice.

For an explanation of the terms of you class 1 and 3 licence please look under the section headed ‘About Fishing Licences’









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